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1. BOOKING - The booking becomes binding only after the agency receives the down payment, within the terms of the expiring date indicated in the booking form, equal to 30% of the total sum due for the rent. In default of payment of the deposit within the expiry date of the rental offer, the offer will be cancelled; if the agency receives the deposit later than that date and the flat offered is no longer available, the agency will reimburse the whole deposit amount, deducted the cost of the postal order.

2. PRICES - In the calculation of the rental period, the number of days are equal to the overnight stays. The agreed price includes the accommodation in good order, adequately fitted out for its category and for the number of sleeping units, complete with furniture (the description of the furnishing of the apartments in our documentation may be different in exceptional cases): cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, downs and pillows, - use of safe (when available) - normal consumption of gas, hot and cold water and electricity (if the use of air-conditioner is included in the price: the electrical consumption of air conditioners - provided with a 90 minutes-timer with starter in the remote control). Minor maintenance repairs will be at the expense of the tourist agency whose personal have authorized access to the premises, even in guest's absence, within 24 hours from the damage communication, and are paid by the agency, naturally if they are not due to the client's negligence or misuse. Where clearly indicated, beach service (a beach umbrella, a sunbed and a sunchair or 2 sunbeds -it's indicated in description of the flat) is free of charge and therefore the customer who will not use it or will change the service conditions has no right to refund. The beach place is assigned by the agency and combined with the apartment; the beach service isn’t changeable (with another row or another beach area). Cleaning: the flat must be returned as received, clean and in order. The superficial cleaning and hygienic control will be care of the agency. Eventual extra-ordinary cleaning will be charged to the client. The agreed price does not include bed-linen, towels and linen in general, children's cot or crib, the possible introduction of the tourist tax, the possible introduction of the taxes on the lease, in deviation from the exemption foreseen by the present tax regulations (It. ex art. 10 nr. 8) and /or other accessories if they are not present in descriptions on our web-pages or catalogue.

3. AVAILABILITY - Keys may be collected from the Agenzia Siraly Tourist Service in Corso Degli Alisei 35 in Lignano Pineta. Accommodation is available from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be free within 9:00 a.m. of the departure day. Arrivals and departures out of the established time must be agreed upon previously. If the customer is of the opinion that the reserved apartment is not clean enough, he has to communicate it to the tourist agency within one hour after receiving the key and in any case only on the arriving day within 7 p.m.; the agency will verify and quickly re-adjust the apartment, in accordance with the availability of the cleaning personal. In case a client will not occupy the apartment within 7:30 p.m. on the day of arrival without previous given written communication (telegram, fax or e-mail), he will be considered renouncing, therefore, the agency is free to hold the deposit and to demand the complete payment, even if the apartment has not been used. (See point 7 Cancellations), or to have the lodging at its disposition. The agency does not owe any refund in case of late arrival or anticipated departure.

4. REGISTRATION PROCEDURES - At his arrival, the client has to present a document (passport or I.D. card) and pay the entire sum agreed upon in cash or with credit cards and the deposit in cash.

5. DEPOSIT - At your arrival, a deposit of 100,00 euro for each apartment, for young groups (until age 25): 500,00 euro for each apartment, is asked for; this is to guarantee good maintenance of the lodging and inventoried goods, and for the restitution of the keys. If the guest leaves outside office hours the deposit will be refunded by postal money order or bank transfer at customer’s charges.

6. RESPONSIBILITY - The guest assumes the responsibility of using the lodgings with care and will be held liable and, he will be charged, for any damage, breakages and missing objects. The agency must always be informed of any damage or breakage within 12.00 a.m. on the day after the client’s arrival, otherwise the guest will be held responsible. The agency does not assumes any responsibility for damages to persons or property due to accidents, the lost or disappearance of money, precious goods or personal effects from the premises. The apartments are not covered by fire or theft insurance and therefore the client should in accordance be careful during his stay, to always be sure to turn off the gas supply directly on the stove or the principal gas conduct and also not to leave any electric appliance plugged. Any personal belongings left in the apartment remain in the agency office and will be sent to the customer after payment of the postal charges.

7. CANCELLATION - The cancellations are accepted only in written form: letter, telegram, fax or mail. In case the cancellation arrives to the agency within 30 days before the date of the arrival, 50% of the deposit will be refunded (through postal cheque gross from postal expenses); between the 29th day and the 11th day before the beginning of your stay 25% of your deposit will be returned. Those who cancel from the 10th day and on before the arrival and that anyway are not present within 7:30 p.m. on the day of arrival (if a delayed arrival is not notified, see point 3. Availability), have to pay the whole amount indicated on the booking form, within one week from the agreed arrival date. This contract is not covered by any insurance against cancellation, therefore if the customer holds this for a necessity, he will personally provide for it.

8. WARNINGS - Should the reserved apartment not be available due to “force majeure”, it will be replaced by another of the same or higher category and the published price list will count as comparison condition; the apartment replacement following the terms stated above frees the agency from any kind of customer's charges, requests and/or claims. The agency is not responsible for nor has to refund the customer in case of bad functioning of house systems such as lifts, centralised antennas and satellite antennas and/or various automations, damage to the parked cars in the house areas and also if the reserved car parking place is wrongly occupied by a third party, parking places are not guarded. As regards parking lots, the agency is not held responsible of solving any problems linked with parking places which are wrongly occupied by a third party. The parking places usually have a maximal length of 4,80 mt, a maximal width of 2,00 mt and a maximal high of 1,70 mt, therefore, if the client has a car with bigger dimensions than the above mentioned, he will personally find a suitable solution, since it is absolutely forbidden to occupy other people’s parking places. The definitions “parking area”, "limitated parking-place" don’t mean that the parking place is assigned. Eventual bad functioning of electrical appliances such as dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines (which have to be repaired by specialized personal who are not always available in the surroundings) will be repaired in three working days after having notify the agency of the inconvenient. Within this period of time the agency is not responsible for claims. The agency is released from the duty of information to the client regarding the existence or future settlement of building yards and/or road works, for which both the noise level and the working time are defined by the municipal regulations. The apartments are not heated and the use of electric heaters or stoves is not allowed.

9. PETS - Dogs, cats and other pets, are not allowed in the apartments. In case it is verified the presence of animals in the apartment, the agency has the right to immediately end the contract with no liability to refund. In some apartments one little pet is allowed at the price of 30,00 euro per week. Pets can be of small and middle size but cannot weight more than 35 kg. In order to avoid eventual damages to the apartments and disturbing other guests, pets cannot be left in the apartments alone without custody; this is an essential condition for the guests with animals and if not respected, the agency will immediately terminate the contract without liability of refund. Further damage will be calculated and subtracted from the paid deposit.

10. GROUPS - The agency rents apartments and villas to families only, therefore groups are not accepted, except for previous specific agreements.

11. CONTRACT RESOLUTION - Should the agency verify that there are more guests (included babies and children) then declared on the reservation form and/or there is a serious breaking of apartment’s regulations (excessive noise etc.), the agency reserves itself the right to terminate the contract with no liability to refund. Eventual further damage will be calculated and subtracted from the paid deposit and the guest must immediately leave the apartment. Further damage can also be calculated after guest's departure.

If any new national or regional laws or regulations come into force, the above articles and clauses may be modified without any rights to damages or claims by the party having made the reservation.




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